Adults 19+ / Community

Cost-of-Living Support

Key Information

Location: City College Peterborough

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Angela Hutt

Start date

22 Feb 2023

End date

22 Mar 2023

Day & Time

Wednesday 09:30 - 11:30


5 weeks



Course Overview

The cost-of-living crisis has impacted us all and we are all looking for ways to save money! We have created this 5-week course to help build your confidence in taking control of your finances and finding small things you can do that will make a big difference. We will discuss what impact the crisis is having on us as individuals and work together to build a support network. We hope that this course offers you reassurance and provides you with top tips for saving money as a family.

You will need

Just yourself but you may also wish to bring a notebook and pen to write down your top tips.
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