T Levels

Coming September 2023

The new T Level qualification is an alternative to A Levels for 16–19-year-olds and is equivalent to three A Levels

What are T Levels?

T Levels are new qualifications for school leavers, 16–19-year-olds, focusing on career roles and backed by the Government and British business.

T Levels are a 2-year qualification, an alternative level 3 option to A Levels and Apprenticeships. They offer the young person the option of a hybrid learning package of college study and real-life work placement experience. Each T Level includes a 45-day / 315 hours of work placement.

Upon successful completion the young person will achieve UCAS points (a T Level is the equivalent to 3 A Levels) enabling them to apply for university, apply for a higher apprenticeship or use the skills and behaviours gained to step into their future career.

City College Peterborough will be offering T Levels in, Education and Childcare (Assisting Teaching), and Management and Administration (Business Support) from September 2023.

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What can I do with a T Level Qualification

When you have completed a T Level course, you will be able to choose between moving into:

  • A higher skilled occupation.
  • Higher or degree level apprenticeships.
  • Further study including Higher Technical Qualifications or Higher Education.

Technical Qualification

The main classroom-based element part of a T Level is where students will learn about their chosen sectors understand and underpinning theory knowledge to apply in the workplace.

Industry Placement

Get a hands-on experience lasting a minimum of 45 days and will provide students practical insights into their sector to support the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

English, Maths and Digital

This is built into the classroom-based element and is there to ensure students have these transferable skills.

T Level Hub Coming Soon

Centrally located on Bridge Street and within viewing distance of ARU Peterborough the new T Level Hub has been designed to be the village square of our T Level provision. Whether you are looking for information on the new qualifications or want to pop in for a tea and a chat with our team to discuss how you are doing on your own T Level – this is the place to be. The T Level Hub has been purposefully designed to be a teaching space, coffee shop and office area all rolled into one. With staff on duty daily to assist you – it really is the one-stop shop for all your T Level related queries.

T Levels equip you with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to support professional and education development.

T Levels equip you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to support your personal and professional development.

If you are doing/have finished your GCSEs and want the knowledge and experience to start your career, then T Levels could be perfect for you.

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T Level Champions

We are looking for young people (aged 14-17) who are interested in becoming a T Level Champion. These Champion’s will help us to engage with others whilst we introduce the T Levels to Peterborough. The Champion’s will lead the way with T Level events, engagement, design of delivery and marketing. For more information contact us now on 01733 761361 option 3.

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