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Courses designed to help you enjoy a better future.

Are you a school leaver looking for your next step in education? At City College Peterborough you'll find a wide range of programmes to suit your individual needs and abilities.

We recognise that school isn’t the learning environment for everyone, and that things happen in your life that get in the way of your studies. So forget about the long hours in the classroom learning things that don’t stimulate you and start learning practical skills designed to help you improve your job prospects, progress onto further education and improve general wellbeing.

Learning with a difference

Students at City College Peterborough enjoy the opportunity to get out and about during their course and learn those all-important life skills including communications, teamwork and building your self-esteem and confidence and resilience. These are the skills potential employers look for and they will also help you in your personal life.

Your options

School Leavers

Are you a school leaver aged 16-19 looking for your next step in education? At City College Peterborough you’ll find a wide range of programmes to suit your individual needs and abilities.


City College Peterborough will ensure any learners with SEN have access to individualised learning and support programmes that ensure accessibility across our diverse curriculum. This includes ensuring any existing exam arrangements are in place and that EHCP provision is followed.

Work Experience

At City College Peterborough, we are focused on ensuring you are given the opportunity to develop skills that will help you achieve a successful future.

Learning a new vocational skill is only one part of what College life is about. Work Placement is an important part of your course and is designed to help you to develop transferable skills in a hands-on way that will complement what you are learning in the classroom.

Supported Internships

We want to make certain that all Supported Interns have access to a full range of skills and the knowledge needed to improve their chances of getting the career they want. Our programme will enable young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to achieve sustainable opportunities by equipping them with the skills they need through learning in the workplace.


Our Wellbeing Officers offer help with both your academic choices, funding and money issues and any additional needs you may have. You will be allocated a Wellbeing Officer who will also liaise with relevant professionals to assist in your transition to independence. We offer training in various aspects of daily life, such as using public transport, supporting a healthy lifestyle, managing money and improving interpersonal skills.

You can download a copy of our 2024-25 choices brochure here


City College Peterborough offers a wide range of programmes to help learners achieve the right skills and qualifications needed for their next step in life.

Tasha Dalton-Winterton BEM, Principal

Amazing facilities and equipment

You will learn in industry standard facilities including a motor vehicle workshop, dance and drama studios, a hairdressing salon, catering kitchens, health and wellbeing centre and outdoor gym. These are all kitted out with the necessary resources to enable your learning.

Student wellbeing and support services

At City College Peterborough we have teams dedicated to supporting the well-being of our learners. We believe it’s fundamental our learners are safe and happy during their time with us. See below the wide range of support we offer as standard.


Enrichment offers learners to explore topics outside of their vocational timetable to help discover new interests and learn new things about themselves. Enrichment clubs are purely for self-development and fun and do not offer qualifications alongside them but can support learners in expanding social circles and putting life skills into practice outside of the classroom. Enrichment clubs cover a range of different interests and make a perfect supplement for free time in a young person’s timetable.

SEN 16-24

We recognise that there are some people with special educational needs (SEN) that need an extra helping hand to help them fulfil their potential to become self-sufficient leading independent lives with autonomy and choice over their next steps.

Our programmes are designed to give learners time to develop their skills through stimulating courses, activities and individualised help to overcome some of the barriers they face in life.

Our tutors and learning support team are on hand to give individuals the support they need to enjoy learning and achieve their personal goals.

Take a look around the John Mansfield Campus


City College Peterborough is proud to have supported the Inn2Diversity Erasmus+ project. The project has created a mentoring scheme to support teachers to deal with complex classroom realities and increase pupils' learning outcomes and teachers' satisfaction. You can find out more about each of the project intellectual outputs below.


Report on programmes and measures to support the development of diversity and disruptive classroom behaviours management competences in teacher’s continuous professional enhancement


Training curricula on diversity and disruptive classroom behaviour managemen


Mentors’ Coordinators and Mentors profile


Courses Curricula for Mentor’s Coordinators and Mentors


Mentoring programme for effective inclusio

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