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Community Learning

Free community and family learning courses in your local area

Now, more than ever, being with other people in a safe and secure environment learning new things that are rewarding and enjoyable is more important than ever.

Whether you want to learn with other adults to improve your own skills, get into employment or just lift your mood or learn together with other families to support your children’s development, we have something to offer you.

We take learning out into the local communities through schools, faith centres, community centres and partner organisations.

This means that you can enjoy learning things that are important to you with others with trained experienced tutors.

We offer a huge range of courses for adults only or families. Here are just a few examples.

ESOL, English and maths • Digital skills (computing) • Keeping safe online • Gardening • Healthy eating on a budget • Arts and crafts such as sewing and jewellery making • Managing your money • Book clubs • Wellbeing • Preparing your child for school • Helping your children with their homework

No courses were found.

Today we have celebrated Culture at City College Peterborough. My children and I have learnt cultures from Italy, China, India and Australia. It was extremely enjoyable doing all the crafts related to these countries. Celebrating different cultures brings understanding and respect among many people.

Are you a community organisation, charity, faith group or school who'd like City College Peterborough to deliver free community or family learning in your venue?

City College Peterborough works in partnership with schools and community organizations and provides funding and trained tutors to deliver free informal community learning to adults and families in Peterborough. We have over 75 years’ experience in delivering informal learning in our communities.

Our courses give everyone the opportunity to benefit. Studies have shown that informal community learning has huge benefits for adults’ physical and mental wellbeing, confidence and skills and can improve longevity of life.*

Having had a first taste of informal learning, adults are signposted to further opportunities, whether volunteering, further learning or employment.

*2019 Learning and Work Institute “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”

Family Learning is also free and is designed for parents/carers alone or with their children (early years only) to help parents support their children’s development during their early years and at school. Family Learning offers exciting and fun activities such as storytelling; reading; writing; numbers; science and learning about the world and has huge benefits and can improve school attendance and attainment and help adults develop their skills and confidence.

You can tell us what courses would benefit your community or families or we can provide you with a menu of the popular courses we deliver such as keeping up with the children; book clubs; family science; arts and crafts; gardening; healthy eating on a budget and make and mend.

If your organisation has a room to accommodate 8-10 people, we’ll provide trained, experienced tutors and funding and make the process easy by setting up, planning, promoting and delivering the courses.

Community Learning Partnerships - Bringing learning opportunities to where it matters most in the local community

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