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Let’s face it, computer and IT skills are part of everyday life. Whether it’s to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues, to source information, apply for jobs or career progression, or check out online bank and credit card balances safely. That’s where we can help.

Take a look at our range of courses to help you learn new skills for your personal and job requirements.

Gain the computer skills you need for work and for pleasure.

You will find a range of computer and IT courses to help you with every-day activities and to help you with your job prospects.

19+ Computer & ICT Courses

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Chris Lane

Chris has run his own graphic design company, Artinfusion, based in Thorney for many years. Prior to that he worked as a designer in a number of agencies and Blue Chip companies before setting up his own business. He also teaches IT and graphic design to apprentices and adults of all ages through a range of programmes at the College.

Chris also set up a successful online shop – – in 2020 to help local artists and makers sell their work on the worldwide web and also creates and sells his own work through a range of online channels

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