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Ready to transform that long-cherished piece of furniture? Not sure where to begin? Let our course be your guide.

Embark on a creative journey with your chosen furniture item in tow. Delve into the world of upholstery with the skilled guidance of our seasoned tutor.

This hands-on experience promises to empower you with valuable skills.

What You'll Learn: Master the art of delicately stripping away old upholstery using specialised tools. Discover the secrets of cleaning, basic repairs, and enhancing the show wood through polishing or painting. Dive into upholstery techniques, blending traditional and modern methods harmoniously with your unique project. No limitations on your furniture selection – anything goes!

If you're new to upholstery, we suggest starting with a footstool or dining chair. Our convenient storage facility ensures your project's safety between classes. Alternatively, you can continue crafting at home, spurred by newfound knowledge. Unleash your creativity and reimagine your living spaces with our Upholstery Masterclass.

Take a look at our upcoming upholstery courses below and enrol today!

Upholstery Courses

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