Video Tutorials

Unsplash and Image Edits

How to use the 'Unsplash' plugin. Find an image and add it to the assets library. Editing and naming the image ready for use. Image ratios should be 4:3 for consistency.

Variable Cards

How to use the different fields within the 'variable card' block to create dynamic layouts.


Globals is where you control the site navigation and contact information. You can add top level nav options, reorder and delete. You can do the same in both footers. The contact information here is what will be used site wide, so if this needs changing you should be able to do one universal change through Globals.

Video Block

To add a video to the site all you need is the video ID from either Youtube or Vimeo. Examples below...



Homepage Banners

Image needs to be resized to a square (1600px x 1600px).

New Page Setup

If you need to create a new page the first thing you need to consider is where it will sit on the site. Next you need to think about the content you have to layout. Refer back to the 'all block types' and see what would showcase the content you have. Use Unsplash to source relevant imagery and resize these so that they are in the assets folder ready to use.

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